History of the Registry

The Registry is a large and ubiquitous organ in the University. The office of the Registrar is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for a variety of routine and day-to-day smooth operations of the University system. The Registry is no doubt the veins and arteries that supplies essential nutrients for the functioning of the various organs of the University system. The Registry thus provides services to enable the University achieve its goals of teaching, learning, research and public service. The Registry therefore coordinates all activities of the University by ensuring that there is an uninterrupted calendar and enforcing that everything is in place for effective rules and regulations to flow.

The effectiveness of the Registry can be measured through policy implementation, social and strategic advice to the Vice-chancellor and the entire University system. All these are predicated on a sound and functional structure. The structure is therefore built within the responsibilities being carried out which tend to be split into specialist functional areas and organized around tasks performed. Within the structure, however, managers are placed to strategically handle units and the effectiveness of the structure depends entirely on the ability of the managers to work as a team with efficient coordination.